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about us

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Turn Pro Sports is an organization that seeks to uplift football standards in the country with an emphasis on the youth at various age groups and gender. To achieve these goals the organization is modeled taking into account the calendar of the Kenyan child, carrying out trainings in the weekends and holidays. Equally, emphasis is placed on the coaches who handle these children at a tender age and are responsible in developing their talents. By equipping these coaches with coaching materials, harmonizing their coaching in conformity to youth football needs, the program essentially improves the quality of coaching. Kenya being a third world country is faced with the challenge of lack of equipment, poor training and playing surface, medical staff, nutritionist etc. The organization seeks to be a one stop shop that offers this expertise’s albeit free of charge. It is not lost to the organization that there is a nexus between player medical fitness, nutritional habits, coaching and performance in bringing out the best out of the young players. Kenyan youth football as currently constituted is skewed towards those in the cities and of the male gender. Turn pro seeks to bridge this gap by offering young girls a platform to develop their skills just like their male counterparts. It is also cognizant of the fact that in the rural areas, football is only a preserve of the institutions. Turn pro seeks to carry out a massive drive copying its other sister program of “Amsha Ball” to offer equal opportunity to those from the rural areas. In addition to football, the program seeks to impart life skills, mentorship and enforcing morals to the youth with a message of hope. The end result is not only developing football talent, alleviating poverty but also reducing crime and other vices linked to youth not being engaged.